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Solar Passive Home

  • Project
    Robert Jones Street
  • Completion
    August 21
  • Project type
  • Designer/Architect
    Sunrai Designs
Rai Geddes / Architect

The client brief was simple; to create a passive solar home that also maximised the view of Mount Frome to the east. It was also important to enjoy the mountain view to the west and be able to incorporate a seperate one bedroom apartment to the four bedroom family home. The challenge was achieving this on a steep site that rose from the east to the west with a dominate street orientation to the east. Three pavilions were designed that could run east west and allow for the view to be maximised while also allowing for northern solar access.

The living pavilion is separated from the bedroom pavilion by a dramatic entryway that immediately reveals the dominant mountain range behind the dwelling. The one bedroom apartment is attached to the main dwelling but separated by the garage and also running east west to maximise views and continue the pavilion theme. A mix of materials were used including  hardwood timber cladding, Weathertex Weathergroove and face brick. The pavilion style also allows for semi public outdoor spaces overlooking the street and more private courtyards behind and between the pavilions.